To achieve zero waste generation, we provide our members with the required training, resources and network locally and internationally.

Youth and the 3Rs School Training

This is a one day training program for students from member schools interested in participating in the Youth and the 3Rs School Program. Registration is done by the school on behalf of their students.

By the end of the training, students will be able to

  • Apply the principles of the 3Rs in their daily activitites
  • Develop and implement 3Rs program in their schools
  • Run a School Recycling Club

Recycling clubs will also be inaugurated after the training is completed.

Each student will receive a Certificate of Participation.

There will representation and participation from the Recycling Council of Ontario.

Educational Institutions are invited to register their students for the upcoming training for the Youth and the 3Rs  School program. Minimum number of students per school is 15 (Fifteen)

Cost to Register: TBD

Business and the 3Rs Training

This training curriculum consists of different courses to be taking at scheduled periods as will be published on our event section.

The goal of the training is to equip members with the resources and the ability to play in this era where globalization and sustainability are the standards and still be profitable.

By the end of the trainings members will:

1. Understand the different business opportunities that can arise from applying the 3Rs principle
2. Conduct a Standard Waste Audit ( auditing principles, sampling methods, bench marking and data analysis, and accurate methods of measuring and reporting performance)
3. Manage/Supervise a waste audit.