The S-Tee international Secondary School’s Recycling Club, our premier club was instituted in November 30, 2016 on the school grounds. The mandate of the club is to ensure all waste generated in the school is segregated with the goal of reducing, reusing and recycling the waste. The club meets every Friday at 2:30pm. To ensure this mandate is achieved, the Recycling club has been paired with Recycle Point. Recycle Point is a Waste Recycling business in Nigeria and a collection system developed.¬† The club gets rewarded via a point system developed by Recycling Point.¬† The Recycling Club monitors the collection and keeps record.


Present at the institution was one of our Sponsors, Grade 8 Students of Morning Star Middle School, Mississauga Ontario, Canada. The students of both school discussed via Skype, waste recycling initiatives in schools and ways in which the newly formed Recycling Club can be effective.