The Youth and 3Rs program is an innovative stewardship program with a focus on the improvement of Nigeria’s recycling rate among the Nigerian Youths. This program is done in collaboration with Educational institutions and Recycling/ Waste Collection Businesses in Nigeria.

The intended outcomes include the following:

  • Application of knowledge gained in the 3Rs in their everyday lives
  • Share knowledge gained with their families.
  • A Recycling club set up in the school recognized by the Recycling Council of Ontario, Canada and Lagos State through Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA)
  • School designated as a Green School
  • Creation of business opportunities for recycling businesses and participating schools via their newly formed Recycling clubs.

The goal of the program is knowledge transfer of the 3Rs to the Nigerian youth through member schools.

Send us a message if interested in knowing more about the programor send us an email at and a representative will be in touch shortly