Our programs are ‘win-win’ – Every participant gains. Our programs are designed to support our members growth towards zero waste production;  promote their products and services locally and internationally; increase their market share and  recognize their successes.

Programs for Educational Institutions

Youth and the 3Rs School Program

The Youth and 3Rs program is an innovative stewardship initiative of Sustainable Waste Recycling Community of Nigeria (SWRC Nigeria). The program focus is on the improvement of Nigeria’s recycling rate among the Nigerian Youths. This program is done in partnership with Educational institutions in Nigeria.


EKCEP is an avenue for children from developed countries (Canada) and developing countries (Nigeria) to work together in solving sustainability issues affecting both continents.

Programs for IC&I Sectors

Business and the 3Rs

The Business and the 3R program  is an innovative stewardship program with a focus on promoting the reuse of waste as an additional  revenue source.


3RCertified is a certification program for the Institutional, Commercial and Industrial (IC&I) sector