Membership Benefits

Being a Member of SWRC Nigeria will serve the following purpose:

  • Affiliate your school with schools and organizations in Canada that can provide you with the leverage you need to participate in international markets.
  • Enhancing the current educational standard of any educational institution that subscribes to its purpose which will lead to higher student intake, student retention leading to increased revenue generation.
  • Their Students will be part of the solution to mitigating Climate Change and eliminating waste going to landfills, solving the sustainability problems of the present and the future and they will be doing their part to reduce our negative environmental impact on our world.
  • Member Schools will be participating in various programs that have international components and will provide these schools and their students with international exposure and recognition.
  • Member schools will be participating in a program that will broaden their students’ mind and making them more innovative. They will be getting an education that will prepare them for an entrepreneurial path as an option
  • Reduced rate in all trainings, conference and seminars organized by SWRC Nigeria and its affiliates held in and outside Nigeria
  • At the end of each year, participating member schools and their students will be recognized and awarded Certificates of Participation at an international conference held in Canada.


Annual Membership Subscription:

  1. Primary Institutions – N25,000
  2. Secondary Institutions – N50,000
  3. Post-Secondary Institutions – N100,000


If your school is interested in being a member, send us a message using the form below or via email at and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible