This covers the Institutional Commercial and Industrial (IC & I), Governments, Civil Society and Individuals.

Membership Benefits

Being a Member of SWRC Nigeria will serve the following purpose:

  • Affiliation with organizations in Canada that can provide members with the leverage they need to participate in international markets.
  • Improve business opportunities, leading to reduced spending; higher financial gains; more money to invest in business growth; increased customers base and create more business opportunities locally and internationally.
  • Improve member status as members will be participating in various programs and events having international components that will provide international exposure and recognition. Opportunities to participate in our conferences internationally and locally; showcase members’ products and services and achievements due to the implementation of the 3Rs principles.
  • Improve the environmental status of members as they will be expose to resources and opportunities that will make them more innovative in waste reduction, reuse and recycling – increasing their ability to compete in local and international markets using accepted international environmental standards of measurement.
  • Reduced rate in all trainings, conference and seminars organized by SWRC Nigeria and its affiliates held in and out of Nigeria
  • Access to relevant trainings that will enable members be full participants in accessing the benefits of the climate change agreement to developing countries.
  • Affiliate members with other organizations with common goals allowing  for common concerns to be voiced by a larger group.
  • Access to multi-sectoral perspectives on current issues. Since SWRC Nigeria brings together representatives from a variety of sectors (government, industry, individuals, NGOs) locally and internationally, members have a chance to participate, in informal and neutral settings in discussions about issues that concern other sectors.
  • Gain credibility and recognition. Members will have access to our exclusive ‘Member Of’ logo (for use on your web site, business cards and stationary). This will clearly define members as supporters of Recycling Council of Ontario’s 3Rs principles.
  • All members receive a complimentary basic listing with their membership on our website.

Annual Membership Subscription:

Annual Business Revenue Membership Subscription Cost in Naira
0 – 999,999 15,000
1 million – 50 million 25,000
51- 100 million 50,000
101 million – 200 million 100,000
201 million – 500 million 200,00
500million – 1billion 300,000
1 billion + 400,000



Civil Society/Community Membership Subscription Cost in Naira
Industry/Local Government Association 75,000
Small Community Group/NGO 15,000
State/Federal NGO 25,000
Government Membership Subscription Cost in Naira
Local Government 100,000
State Government 200,000
Federal Government 300,000
Personal Membership Subscription Cost in Naira
Individual 7, 500