Become a member of SWRC Nigeria. In order to meet our goal of assisting with waste recycling coordination is Nigeria via the creation of programs and projects, SWRC Nigeria is working in various sectors to achieve this goal. These sectors include   Educational institutions, Business, Local Government, Civil Society and with individuals.   Below are a breakdown of the sectors, benefits and the required subscription fee that will assist with operational cost

Educational Institution

The Educational sector is the most important sector that will ensure that our vision of zero waste by 2050 is a reality. This is because the students that partake in the programs we currently offer will be the decision makers of their time by 2050

Other Sectors

Other sectors include Business, Government, Civil Society and  individuals. Participation from the these sectors will ensure that they are  provided with the opportunities available to them  that will equip them with the resources and the ability to play in this current arena where globalization and sustainability are the standards and still be profitable.