A membership based NGO modeled and run under the mentorship of Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) Canada – an initiative of EnvironFocus Incorporated. EnvironFocus is a Canadian based environmental organization working globally for the sustainability of the environment. RCO is the key organization in Ontario that has helped manage Ontario’s waste generation activities and shaped Ontario’s waste policy till date.  We are involved in policy, education, and project work around the issues of consumption, waste generation, reduction and diversion, and recycling in Nigeria.


Our Philosophy

We believe that society must minimize its impact on the environment and mitigate climate change  by reducing and eventually eliminating waste.  our work is to inform and educate all members of society about the generation of waste, the avoidance of waste, the more efficient use of resources and the benefits and consequences of these activities.


Our Objectives

  • Promote solutions for environmental sustainability and pollution prevention by advocacy and education and Improve Nigeria’s recycling rate through the development of innovative stewardship programs
  • Communicate with organizations having similar objectives
  • Consult with government, industry, and others on initiatives for environmental sustainability including waste management, recycling and pollution prevention.
  • Assist current, and promote new, waste reduction and environmental opportunities and endeavors in Nigeria.
  • Maintain an association of groups and individuals interested in environmental sustainability, including waste management, recycling and pollution prevention in Nigeria


Our Vision

Zero waste going to the dumpsites by 2050

Our Mission

To assist in the coordination of waste recycling activities in Nigeria, one state at a time